Mr. Phillips,

Thank you very much for your information yesterday. My 7 y.o. daughter has been bitten by a pit-bull. There are no words to express how grateful I was for two things. First, your website, which has all the necessary information to guide a parent. Second, the advice you gave me freely.

Before I wrote to you, I had spoken with two doctors and two vets, and all of them put together were not able to give me clear instructions on the steps I needed to take, which I have learned from you. Thank you very much for your thorough instructions.

When our child was bitten, we were in a lot of panic and were not sure what to do. During this awful time I was grateful there was someone who knows the subject completely.

With deep gratitude, Maria


"Kenneth, thanks for all of the work you do..we just received your book on when dogs bite or kill other dogs and it is helping us with our case. I encourage anyone in this group who has lost a dog to an attack to purchase it--its money well spent!"

Kim T.