Important Preliminary Advice for the Dog Bite Victim

If you got this book because of an incident in which your dog and you were injured, you need to give yourself a “time out” and read this before you go on to Chapter 1.

Your dog’s welfare is important, but so is yours. Justice for your dog would be just a half a cup of justice unless your needs also are taken care of. 

You need to right two wrongs, not just one. 

Don’t worry about hurting the dog that bit you or the owner of the dog that bit you. You can get justice the way the civil legal system delivers it: by receiving compensation for pain and suffering, in addition to reimbursement for the money you lost from missed work, or spent on medical treatment. 

Your compensation normally will come from the dog owner’s homeowners policy or renters policy. So it will not hurt him financially. 

Nor will it cost you anything, because of attorneys who represent accident victims on a contingency fee basis. If they don’t get anything for your case, then you owe them nothing. If they do, then they accept a portion of the money that comes in (they don’t take it all). 

Do you really need a lawyer? Yes! One of the best reasons is that less than 1% of dog bite victims get compensated. Dogs bite at least 4.7 million Americans per year, but insurance companies pay only 15,000 to 16,000 victims. So without a lawyer, a victim has very little chance of getting justice.

Kenneth M. Phillips (the author of this book) is the only attorney in the USA who does nothing other than represent people who have been seriously injured by dogs. Widely recognized as the nation's leading authority on dog bite law, he has earned tens of millions of dollars for dog bite victims all over the USA. 

He has been a frequent guest on CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, MS-NBC, and Fox News, and has been called "the dog bite king" (Today Show and Lawyers Weekly), "a leading expert in dog bite law" (Good Housekeeping), and "the nation's best known practitioner of terrier torts" (Los Angeles Times).

If you were bitten on the face, or seriously bitten on any part of the body, arms or legs, contact him right away. Send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Tell him what happened, and the city and state where it happened, and how badly you were injured.

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Half a cup of justice isn’t justice. Making a wrong only half-right isn’t justice. Take a breath, then contact him. There’s no charge for the consultation, and you deserve for this to come out right for your dog and you.