Lawyers would like to help you, but there is little that they can do. Very few attorneys handle or know much about cases involving animal injuries. When an attorney is retained to handle a case, the rules of civil procedure must be followed, and those rules were meant to handle big disputes over large amounts of money. This means that the lawyer has to run through a lot of hoops, which takes time and costs the client money.

If your dog is injured or killed, however, you have the right to obtain a very small amount of compensation, in most cases. For that reason, animal owners generally end up concluding that is inefficient and uneconomical to retain an attorney to represent them. This has an impact on the legal profession: because people do not engage lawyers for these claims, attorneys do not know much about the rights of people whose dogs have been injured or killed.

This means that you will not be able to retain a lawyer or even get an accurate legal opinion about what to do. But it does not mean you are helpless!