What it adds up to is this: you are on your own, without a lawyer, up against a legal system that does not favor your claim. That is the reason why this book was written.

Each year, 1 million people spend an average of 8 minutes reading articles on the Dog Bite Law website (dogbitelaw.com). Additionally, 50 per day send E-mail messages to Attorney Kenneth M. Phillips, its author. Thousands of pet owners have asked how to obtain legal remedies after their precious companion was injured. Many of those messages are heartbreaking.

Motivated dog owners can represent their own interests as well as, or possibly better than, the legal community. Attorneys simply do not know enough about this area of the law, and the rigors of case preparation require that they charge fees that far exceed the amount that nearly all owners are willing to pay. Non-lawyers already use “how-to” books to set up their own corporations, do their own divorces, write their own wills, and perform many other legal functions. With a complete and easy-to-use guide like this book, an animal owner should easily be able to deal with the person who killed or injured his or her companion.